Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fashion And Internet: Trending Casual Sleepers For Men

Gone are the days when fashion was only a term used synonymously with women. Trending menswear and footwear are in focus as much as they are for women. And the best part about all of this? Well, fashion married the dotcom boom and you can get anything online easily. Any online men’s sleepers shop can provide you with the latest model footwear you saw at the miles - away store.

Sleepers!! They round up a great casual outfit, they talk about your personality and worn with the right attitude, they can boost up your entire handsome wardrobe. There are numerous options and styles of sleepers out there, but what is great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by sticking with just a few of them. If you invest in a sensible and stylish pair and take care of them, you will be set for years. All that is required is being at the right place at the right time with the right knowledge. Yes you got that right – Men Casual Sleepers Online Shopping.

What Should I Go For?

There are innumerous kinds of sleepers available. What you need to find is the best one that suits your needs.

Plain beachwear thong sleepers are plain and simple. As the name suggests, they are for beaches and deserts (if you happen to land up in any). What you must keep in mind is that you must never wear them with anything apart from shorts. And refrain from wearing them with socks.
Sports Sandals are footwear for the sporty type. They are waterproof; have an athletic sole for sturdiness and traction; have wide cross straps for foot support; are airy but structurally well designed and are the best for use in sporting events like rock climbing, hiking, rafting, golf courses, etc. When wearing them casually, make sure you only match them with jeans, shorts or chinos.
Dress sandals are slightly more formal kind of sleepers, and are made of leather and metal buckles. They are wearable at spring and summertime outdoor events or functions and with linen suits. They look way classier than anything if worn with the right attire and attitude.

Maintaining Sleepers And Your Style

After going for men’s casual sleepers online shopping, these are the points you must keep in mind to take care of what you own.

Make sure your feet look clean and neat when they are exposed.
Spray sandal leather with a water resistant spray to guard against perspiration as it can ruin a nice pair of slippers faster if they are not already rubber.
A lot of men pull out a trend of wearing office shoes without socks or worse, sleepers with full pants or jeans. It’s like strangling fashion personified!!

Men do not necessarily need as many shoes or footwear as their female counterparts, but it doesn't hurt to own more than just office shoes. As long as you own the right kind of sleepers, you will be covered for all situations and events. So once you are finished reading this piece, go out there and hunt the men’s sleepers shop to find the right companion for your casual time.

Friday, 16 May 2014

7 Types of Shoes Every Girl Must Own

Whoever said that a girl can never have enough shoes could not have been more accurate. Unlike men who can make do with pretty much three pairs of shoes, women need a lot more. They need one in all the key colors and all the important styles.

However, in small cities and with not much space to have large wardrobes, owning and stocking multiple pairs of shoes is like a nightmare.

What is possible though or rather even important is having a pair each of the seven most basic and essential type of shoes. Every diva, irrespective of space must own at least one pair of the following type of shoes:

Stilettos: Every woman, tall or short must own a pair of these beauties. Strappy with high heels, at least 3 inches or more, stilettos are every girl’s absolute must have. They make you go from plain to glam in just a few minutes adding height and making your legs look toned and beautiful.  Ideally get them in black, gold or silver or all 3.

Ballerinas: Like the name suggests, these shoes are typically worn by ballerinas while performing. That is how comfortable and smooth they are. Available in all colors with pretty bows, buy these for everyday wear. Shopping, coffee with the girls, work, they go with almost everything and qualify as both formal and casual shoes. Ballerinas are available at almost all shoes stores and even many high street fashion brands stock some great designs.

Flip Flops: They are casual but extremely comfortable. Light to carry on holidays, easy to wear on the beach or by the pool, they are also inexpensive and available in the funkiest colors and styles.

Kitten heels: For those who cannot run around work in high heels, kitten heels are just perfect. Not only do they add grace to your office outfit, they also give it a formal look. Moreover you will get the desired height and yet be comfortable.

Wedges: They look stunning with dresses especially in the day. Giving you the much needed height yet being easy on your feet. Every woman must own a pair of basic wedges in nude, beige or brown to wear with summer dresses or narrow pants. They are far more comfortable than stilettos and closed shoes and look equally good.

Sneakers: Every girl needs a good pair of sneakers. Not only for working out but for those weekend excursions and treks that friends tend to love. Perfect for days when you have to participate in events like marathons, charity races and drives and even while travelling sneakers are a must own for every woman, sporty or not.

Pumps: Pumps are closed shoes with heels. They are in vogue right now and everybody must own at least 1 pair, preferably in a solid color. They look great at work and also when worn for parties, and to dinners and nightclubs.

If you own a pair of each of these styles from HITZ Stores, you will be covered for every type of outing right from parties, work and lunches to holidays and even shopping.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Ease and Excuse of Shopping Shoes Online

Shoes, like most of other daily use items are influenced by changing trends and style dynamics. Shoes are no more black or white. You can find as many colors and style as you can think of. There are hundreds of options for running shoes and so there are separate array of options for gym shoes.

To add to these added benefits of enhanced options, with online portals and ecommerce websites selling shoes have made it much easier to buy a pair of shoe after rejecting no less than 200 pairs. Additionally, the prices are also great and you save substantially on fuel or on cost of commuting to the shops.

Other than the offered prices, when you are shopping for shoes online, you also have option to compare prices from various popular portals. In case of bricks and mortar shop you need to visit shops of various brands before you actually can chose a pair of shoe that fit in your budget and imagination.

But while you are searching for a shoe over the internet, you have the choice to visit your favorite online shoe store and browse as much number of shoes you wish to. You can easily switch the view from one brand to another and then compare between products of two brands.

Additionally, the online shoe portals offer numerous lucrative offers and discounts. Other than direct discounts that are offered over the products you can also get some additional discount on selected payment methods. These online shoe portals tie up with banks to offer certain amount of discounts in form of cash backs and fixed discounts.

However, in spite of all the benefits showered by the portals there are certain level of disconnect that results in people preferring offline sales. Though the number of such person is decreasing at a tremendous pace, but there are still some who have their apprehensions about buying shoes online. The reason that people find their excuse for shopping at online shoes store India are many and some of the top reasons are improper safety norms and weak cyber laws. Further, people also find it difficult to trust an image or video over actual touch and feel of a real shoe that they can purchase from a brick and mortar store.

But, with increasing popularity of the online shoe stores, many popular online portals that offer Hitz men shoe have strengthened their online security. These portals also incorporate the best technology to keep the data of their users secure. Moreover, the payment gateways integrated over these websites are best and thus are highly secure, offering people one more reason to buy shoes online.